Stop Wasting Time And Start Maldives Diving

Stop Wasting Time And Start Maldives Diving

atoll-sand-bank-island-Maldives-DivingThe Maldives is known by many as a remote destination popular for honeymoons, but a huge amount of the country’s tourism is generated through scuba diving, specifically Maldives liveaboard diving. Maldives diving truly is world class, with so many atolls offering such excellent diving, even those who visit regularly have reason to come back for more or to explore new areas. The reasons that divers choose to visit The Maldives for scuba diving include the year-round world-class diving, which is at its best during the northern hemisphere’s cooler months (November to April). The water is warm and crystal clear, and the exciting marine life is plentiful & diverse. Finally, the range of diving cruise boats is so wide, that choosing one could be the most difficult part of a diving vacation at The Maldives.

The Best Diving Maldives? Why, Where & When to Dive

Sea-Turtle-Emperor-VirgoLocated in the Indian Ocean, just south of India and south-west of Sri Lanka, The Maldives archipelago is the perfect place for the congregation of reef-dwelling resident and pelagic species to thrive. The opposing currents of the ocean merge around the atolls of this tiny island nation, ensuring that life under the sea is always supplied with nutrient-rich water all year round. For hundreds of thousands of years long since before humans settled at the Maldives, plants and animals have thrived here due to the location and constant supply of life’s vital resources. The sea conditions are relatively consistent throughout the year, but between May & October the area is affected by monsoons, meaning that scuba diving the Maldives is best enjoyed from November to April. The best diving Maldives areas are a matter of opinion, and also dependent on the time of year, what divers are looking for, and their level of experience. Currents can be medium to strong.

Why Diving The Maldives Is So Enjoyable

divers-jumping-into-crystal-clear-Maldives-sea-from-diving-dhoniMost recreational scuba divers want to see as much as possible while sacrificing as little as necessary. This is why Diving The Maldives scores very highly, because the sea conditions and marine life combine to make the perfect balance. The tropical sea water is crystal clear, with a vast ocean surrounding the atolls ensuring that visibility is never affected by pollution or water staying in any one place for long. Clear water enables divers to see more marine life as well as feel more comfortable, especially those who may feel claustrophobic or anxious when visibility is reduced. The temperature of the water at The Maldives is perfect; Too cold is not comfortable for hour-long dives at depths of 30m. or more. Too warm, and the colourful corals can’t survive. Divers can expect an average sea temperature of 29°C, and almost never below 27°C. The marine life is what divers come to see, and they are rarely disappointed. From large species such as Manta Rays and Whale Sharks down to macro seahorses, nudibranchs and Pipefish, Maldives Diving has something for everyone. There are certain times of year and atolls when a particular species is more commonly seen, and this is important when choosing your next diving holiday at The Maldives.

Choosing The Best Maldives Liveaboard

Liveaboard-Maldives-in-the-seaWhile there is a wide selection of resorts at The Maldives which offer ‘resort diving’ during the day, the best diving experiences are enjoyed while on a Maldives liveaboard cruise, often referred to as a diving safari. Generally, liveaboard diving Maldives boats are large motor yachts designed specifically for comfortable diving cruises, but they are not overly expensive. Luxury liveaboard Maldives yachts vary in size, but in general 30-40m. in length is the norm. The type, size and level of luxury of Maldives liveaboards are comparable to Egypt, and a level higher than the average dive boats in the likes of Thailand & Indonesia. Maldives Liveaboard Diving guests can expect air-conditioned en-suite cabins for no more than two people, and many Maldives liveaboards have large air-conditioned lounge areas and even an on-board Jacuzzi. Choosing the best Maldives dive boat mostly comes down to personal choice, budget, and the schedule on offer. Most Maldives diving safaris are one week long and leave on a particular day of each week, for example every Sunday. The level of professional service, safety features, and guests per boat or dive guide tends to be very comparable among the range of motorized dive yachts on offer.

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