Koh Phi Phi is one of the most-popular tourist destinations in Thailand. It started to become famous in the 1990s, and its popularity rose sharply due to the filming of the Hollywood move The Beach. It’s located almost exactly half way between Phuket and Krabi, but is technically within Krabi Province. The only ways to get to Phi Phi are by public ferry or speedboat, and once on the island, there are no vehicles at all. Not everyone goes to Koh Phi Phi to scuba dive. There is accommodation for all budgets, dozens of restaurants and bars, and other water sports available. However, the majority of tourism on Koh Phi Phi is based around scuba diving.

What kinds of diving trips are available at Koh Phi Phi?

For tourists already staying on Koh Phi Phi, there is no shortage of dive centres looking for a slice of the ‘customer cake.’ Most of them practice ‘price fixing’ which means they work together to maintain a fair price for diving and courses instead of an unpleasant price war like on Koh Tao. Daytrip diving from Koh Phi Phi usually involves 2-dive day trips on slow diving boats. These trips typically start around 7.30am and return mid-afternoon. Probably the best way to enjoy scuba diving at Koh Phi Phi is on a short diving cruise starting in Phuket and sailing around the best dive spots for 2-3 days. Liveaboard diving at Koh Phi Phi is better than day-trip diving because staying on a larger boat that cruises to different dive spots during surface intervals is more pleasant than going out and back on a daytrip boat. The Junk is one of the best Koh Phi Phi liveaboard boats. During the high season The Junk is normally at The Similans, but during the low season there are 2-3 trips per week.

How many dive sites are there and what are they like?

It’s impossible to confirm an exact number of dive sites, because it’s a matter of opinion. Some divers count a long or large reef as two separate dive sites while others may combine them. In any case, there are at least 10 very good dive sites at Koh Phi Phi. Without doubt, the most popular dive sites are around the two tiny islets off of the southern tip of the Phi Phi mini-archipelago. These are Bida Nai & Bida Nok, and their location in deeper water enables marine life to flourish. Although snorkelling is good there, almost every boat that visits these islets is there for scuba diving. The snorkel boats tend to focus on Maya Bay and other parts of Koh Phi Phi Lei (the second-largest Phi Phi island). In 2014 the Thai government provided Koh Phi Phi with its own diving wreck by sinking the 48-metre long naval gunship HTMS Kled Geow at a depth that is perfect for AOW divers, or those certified to go deeper than 25 metres. This wreck is already very popular with the marine life species that have made the new wreck their home.

How do I find and book the best diving trip at Koh Phi Phi?

For liveaboard diving at Koh Phi Phi, contacting us is the best way. We can help you choose a liveaboard trip that best suits your schedule, needs & budget. There are not as many choices when compared to liveaboard diving at The Similan Islands, but most weeks of the year we can offer a Koh Phi Phi liveaboard. Divers who want to stay on Koh Phi Phi and join a day trip or course can easily choose and book after arriving on the island. Due to the fierce competition, wide choice of dive centres and the price-fixing agreement, it’s best to arrive first and choose the dive centre which is most convenient to you.

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