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This is our information & blog page. Here at No Troubles Just Bubbles we regularly keep divers updated with the latest information from the liveaboard scuba diving community. You’ll also find on here some simple and detailed help about scuba diving in general, as well as diving in this part of the world. All of our content is original and independent, in an attempt to be as useful as possible to anyone wanting to scuba dive or learn to dive. Please check back regularly, as the team at No Troubles Just Bubbles will try to keep this updated with information about scuba diving from around the world.

Everything You Need to Know About Liveaboard Diving introChoosing the best country to join a scuba diving liveaboard trip has always involved many factors, and now with Covid-19, things are even more complicated. Forgetting about Covid-19 for now, the things to consider when choosing the best liveaboard destination include price, logistics, likely sea & weather conditions for your preferred month, boat facilities, itineraries, and how the teams and boats operate. In this article, you can read in detail all the information to help you make the best choice on which diving destination best suits your needs for the ultimate scuba liveaboard experience in Asia or The Rea of Egypt.

Adventure Deep Dive introOpen Water Divers are usually certified to 18 or 20 metres maximum depth. And after completing the Advanced Course, this maximum is increased to 30 metres (99ft.). But some people don’t have enough time or money to do the whole Advanced Course, which takes 2-3 days and five dives. And some diving trips require all the divers to be certified to dive to 30m. The Adventure Deep Dive is an ideal compromise.

Flexible liveaboard diving similan islands richelieu rock surin islands introEveryone chooses a scuba diving liveaboard for their own reasons. These reasons include boat or cabin type, budget, dive locations, and the trip fitting their holiday schedule. For people who need their diving trip to fit a tight schedule, flexible liveaboards are ideal. These are also referred to as ‘platform boats.’ Similan Islands flexible or platform overnight liveaboard cruises range in length from 2 days & 1 night, and the maximum length is usually not more than 4 days & 3 nights.

Whale Shark introJust about all recreational scuba divers want to experience time underwater with the largest fish in the sea, the gentle giants known as Whale Sharks (Rhincodon typus). These harmless filter feeders can grow to more than 12 metres in length and are found in many scuba diving locations around the world, often near the surface. They are not shy of divers, and even snorkelling with Whale Sharks is possible in some places. A whale shark dive is a special & memorable experience, whether it’s your first time or not. Read more about where and when you can have the best chance to meet the largest fish in the world.

similan thailand park fees introNew regulations for Similan & Surin National Marine Park fees come into effect immediately. For divers who book in advance, this only causes inconvenience. But for the dive centres, non-diving liveaboard guests, and anyone hoping to book at the last minute, it causes problems & additional costs. Please note that the Thai government and local authorities are trying to limit the damage to the fragile & precious ecosystems in the best way that they can.

The Effects of Covid 19 and scuba diving introIf you’re able to travel to, or you’re already in, Thailand or Indonesia now is the time to get the very best diving & biggest discounts! We all know that Covid-19 coronavirus is having a huge impact on everyone, especially those in the tourism industry. And to attract more divers, some of our boats are offering unbeatable discounts of up to 50%! What’s more, it’s that time of year when the diving conditions are perfect, with wonderful weather & sea conditions. Nearly every day divers sea several Manta Rays at Koh Bon, and there are regular sightings of Whale Sharks at Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock. Oh, and most boats are far from fully booked, meaning more space onboard for those who do join. What are you waiting for?

phuket airport to khaolak introPhuket International Airport is the main entry point for most Similan Islands divers. Some of our guests arrive on land or by sea from around Thailand, but most land at Phuket’s brand-new international or domestic terminals. And because most of the Similan diving liveaboards depart from Tab Lamu Pier, divers need to travel by land from Phuket airport to Khao Lak. There are several ways to do this, some of which are free (included in the liveaboard cruise rate) and others are by public bus or private taxi.

Scuba Diving Insurance Cheap Safe Often MandatoryScuba diving is a safe activity, and all of our tours are run by highly-professional teams who always put safety first. Nobody goes diving without a professional guide, and most guests use a diving computer to maximise safety. Accidents or incidents are very rare, but they can happen. Even an experienced diver who stays within all limits, and performs a safety stop at the end of a no-decompression dive can still be affected by DCS (The Bends). And it’s not just DCS that could happen. Being stung by a poisonous creature or even injuring yourself on the boat are all potential dangers. Being far out at sea and needing to be transferred back to the mainland for treatment is very expensive, but scuba diving insurance to cover these eventualities is extremely cheap, and short-term policies can be bought on the day of your trip. It really is a no-brainer to have insurance cover to go scuba diving.

Amba Maldives liveaboard with its dhoni tender vessel intoductionRegarded by many as having the best liveaboard diving in the world, The Maldives is certainly a very popular scuba diving destination. There is no shortage of boats and trips to choose from. Most boats are large & luxurious, and many trip itineraries are one week long. The best Maldives liveaboard depends on several factors, which vary depending on each person’s needs or tastes. Things like the time of year, the cabin type available, and of course the price are all factors to consider when choosing a Maldives liveaboard diving cruise.

Camic new dive schedule introWe are pleased to announce the Camic new schedule 2018 Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai & Koh Bon. MV Camic is our most-popular liveaboard boat, made even more popular with its all en-suite cabins. Due to high demand and the likelihood of Manta Rays and whalsesharks, the weekly schedule has been modified. In addition, the departure pier and time have also been changed.

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