This is our information & blog page. We regularly post latest information, including the news and special offers. You’ll also find on here some simple and detailed help about scuba diving in general, as well as diving in this part of the world. All of our content is original and independent, in an attempt to be as useful as possible to anyone wanting to scuba dive, or learn to dive. Please check back regularly, as this is our most-regularly updated page.

Camic new dive schedule introWe are pleased to announce the Camic new schedule 2018 Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai & Koh Bon. MV Camic is our most-popular liveaboard boat, made even more popular with its all en-suite cabins. Due to high demand and the likelihood of Manta Rays and whalsesharks, the weekly schedule has been modified. In addition, the departure pier and time have also been changed.

scuba diving database introWe are delighted to offer our brand-new secure scuba diver database for liveaboards & day trips. Each of our divers is able to enter their details, such as diver certification & experience, equipment needs, and hotels. Also, the relevant dive centres are able to view the necessary information for divers on their boats for upcoming trips. Our system is comprehensive, easy to use and (most importantly) secure & spam free.

Thailand dive expo 2017 introEvery year there are diving exhibitions around the world, and Thailand’s is TDEX (Thailand Dive Expo). It’s held each year in the middle of May, starting on a Thursday and finishing on a Sunday. TDEX 2017 was really busy, and there were lots of potential diving tourists, traders and vendors offering promotions, and some awesome discounts.

transferwise introWe are both excited and delighted to tell our customers about the newest and best way to send money internationally. TransferWise is a new way to send small, medium or large amounts of money overseas for whatever reason you like. It’s easy, it’s safe & it’s cheap. You can use a credit card or your bank balance, and the exchange rate is unbeatable.

thumb Manta alfredi Manta Ray Raja Ampat DivingScuba divers around the world want to find newly-discovered areas where they can experience the best diving before the places become too popular and crowded. Raja Ampat Diving is the new big thing, and located in north-eastern Indonesia, just off the large island of Papua. The diverse marine life, including many species unique to the area, and perfect sea conditions make for truly world-class diving. The remote location keeps mass tourism away, which is perfect for many visitors.

dive boat diversLiveaboard diving safaris can be affordable fun to luxury cruises. Everyone has their own idea of what is most important when choosing the best dive boat for their next scuba diving cruise. Where, when & for how long the boat goes are just some things to consider, along with the boat’s facilities and of course the price. Read our blog about which factors are most popular, and see if there are ione or two you hadn’t thought about.

diving cruise discountsIf you snooze, you lose! Be quick to get the best diving deals on our boats in Thailand, Indonesia & The Maldives, before the discounted dive trips fill up or the deadlines pass. We have dozens of special offers, including cabin upgrades, free Nitrox, and discounts. No Troubles, Just Bubbles’ diving discounts aren’t limited to the less-popular boats, trips & dates, either. Plenty of guests have already signed up to enjoy diving cruise discounts on some of our most popular boats, and at peak periods. Don’t delay, contact us today!

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