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Location: Thailand, Phuket Thailand, Phuket

Anemone Reef is one of the best dive sites near Phuket. It's an undersea pinnacle that almost reaches the surface at low tide, but not quite. In May 1997 it was Anemone Reef that King Cruiser ran into, causing it to sink in a few hours. Therefore, there's some damage to the top of the reef, but in the past 23+ years, this has been almost fully covered in new coral growth. Plus, there's now a wreck nearby!

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The reef is colourful and healthy from its top all the way down to the sandy seabed, 25 metres below. There's life absolutely everywhere. This includes some species of sharks, turtles, invertebrates, and of course lots of anemones and their resident anemonefish families. The dive site is almost a conical shape, which normally enables divers to encircle it, starting at the bottom. However, when there is a current, divers may choose to stay n the sheltered side and zigzag up the reef. As mentioned, King Cruiser is almost next to Anemone Reef, and Shark Point & Koh Doc Mai are not far away either. So, if your liveaboard diving boat arrives and one dive site is too busy or the current stronger than ideal, it's easy to choose one of the other dive sites first, then come back to Anemone Reef.

Open Water divers are able to safely enjoy Anemone Reef, but they are limited to 18 metres maximum depth. Advanced divers can explore the whole reef, and may be lucky enough to spot a shark or stingrays at the bottom.

Conditions at Anemone Reef

5 - 25 metres
16.4 - 82 ft
26 - 29 °C
78.8 - 84.2 °F
Medium to strong
10 - 20 metres
32.8 - 65.6 ft
Can be choppy due to exposed location

When to dive at Anemone Reef

Best Times: November to April

It's possible to dive at Anemone Reef all year round, but the high season is October to May with the best conditions between December and March. Because it's located in open sea, surface waves and currents can be an issue. The location is sheltered from the Indian Ocean by Phuket, but from June to September there is still much more chance of larger waves.

Type of dive site

Coral reef

Anemone Reef is a conical-shaped sea mount which has a pinnacle that almost reaches the surface at low tide. It is covered by anemones and hard & soft corals.

Where is Anemone Reef?

Anemone Reef is approximately halfway between Phuket & Koh Phi Phi. Therefore, day trips from either island are possible, which is another reason why it gets quite busy during the high season.

How to get to Anemone Reef

Liveaboard Boat, Day Trip Boat

You can get to Anemone Reef on a two-dive or three-dive day trip from Phuket, Koh Phi Phi or Koh Lanta.

To best enjoy Anemone Reef, join a short liveaboard diving cruise that will likely visit early in the morning or after the day trip boats have gone.

Who can dive at Anemone Reef

PADI Open Water, SSI Open Water, CMAS 1, NAUI Scuba Diver equivalent or higher. Minimum 4 logged dives.

Divers of all certification levels and experience can safely dive at Anemone Reef. But due to its open sea location, surface waves and currents can be an issue. During the low season (June to September) waves are more likely than in the high season.

What marine life can you see at Anemone Reef?

There is a vast range of healthy marine life at Anemone Reef. Due to the dive site's name, there are obviously plenty of sea anemones, which of course are home to families of several species of anemonefish, including Thailand's three more-common species (Clown, Pink Skunk & Clark's). Turtles, sea snakes, moray eels and lots of invertebrates are also present, and schools of reef and predatory fish are constantly swimming around.

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Summary of Anemone Reef

Anemone Reef is an excellent dive site, located halfway between Phuket and Koh Phi Phi. It's ideal for all levels of certified scuba diver, although surface waves and potential currents might be a problem for inexperienced or nervous divers. The reef is covered in anemones & corals, which in turn attract lots of marine life. The maximum depth is approximately 25 metres, meaning that advanced divers are able to go right to the bottom and look for sharks and rays.

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