Green Turtle

Green Turtle (Chelonia-mydas) resting under a rock. Green Turtle (Chelonia-mydas) resting under a rock.
A Green Turtle rests under a rock (Chelonia-mydas)

Credit: Johan Folmeus

Green Turtle (Chelonia-mydas) at Thailand's Similan Islands

Credit: Helen Holmgren

Green Turtle Chelonia mydas

Credit: Emmy Ahlen

Green Turtle

Green Turtle Chelonia mydas

Green Turtles are found in seas around the world, but only in tropical and sub-tropical waters because as reptiles they need an environment that's not extreme in temperature. As adults they are herbivorous, eating sea grass and algae. But juveniles also eat jellyfish, sponges and even crabs. Their common name actually comes from the colour of their skin, not their shells. Their shell colour is dictated by their environment and diet.

Scientific Rank
Chordata (Chordates)
Subclass: Reptilia: Reptiles
Order: Testudines (Turtles)
Family: Cheloniidae (Modern sea turtles)
Genus: Chelonia (Chelonia)
Species: Chelonia mydas
Average Size: 1 metre

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