Bali needs very little introduction to most people. Although there are still a few who believe it to be a country, it is of course an island in southern Indonesia. The people of Bali are mainly Hindu, whereas the rest of Indonesia is predominantly Muslim. However, this has very little influence on what has made Bali the top tourist destination in Indonesia, and one of the most popular in the world.

Bali is extremely popular for tourists who want to come and enjoy a variety of activities and environments. There is a wide selection of resorts at all budget levels, and things to do for people from all walks of life, with sea/beach-based activities being by far the most popular. Scuba diving in Bali is big business, with dive centres all around the island and world-class dive sites in the surrounding seas. There are easy dive spots for learning to dive and less-experienced scuba divers, as well as challenging dive sites for experts. Currents and depths can be as extreme as any recreational scuba diver is prepared to attempt.

Many people would be correct in comparing Bali to Phuket, in Thailand. Both are the main tourist island in their respective countries and both are extremely popular with international sunworshippers, divers and those who enjoy nightlife. Although there will always be people who don’t like Bali and Phuket due to the concentrated number of tourists, many of whom are sex tourists or generally loud and coarse, in areas such as Kuta (Bali) and Patong (Phuket). However, both islands are quite large and have plenty of respectable, clean, calm, and quiet places to enjoy a wonderful vacation, including scuba diving.

While Denpasar International Airport and Kuta are located in the southeastern tip of Bali, there is so much more to this island than most visitors ever see, or even know about. There are quiet and remote resorts and beaches, as well as all kinds of activities to be done, including trekking up volcanoes and riding horses. Dive centres are by no means only located in the most popular tourist spots, and the dive sites are numerous and widespread. In most cases, a short trip by road is required to transfer to the dive boat, but in some cases it’s possible to enjoy a reef dive off a beach right in front of your resort. The dive sites are home to countless species of fish, corals, and invertebrates, plus common sightings of reptiles. Sea turtles and sea snakes can show up at any time.

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