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Location: Egypt Egypt

The Brothers (known locally as El Akhawein) are two uninhabited rocky islets in Egypt’s Red Sea, and regarded as the best diving location in the country. They’re also considered to be among the top dive destinations in the world. Big Brother is the larger island and has a Victorian lighthouse, Little Brother is just five minutes’ boat ride away. They are steep-sided cones, probably made from volcanic action thousands of years ago.

Little Brother Island Red Sea Egypt

Both islands are home to a wonderful & healthy selection of hard & soft corals, and resident & pelagic marine life. The surrounding sea bed is very deep, and divers are able to descend without limit to their maximum depth, depending on certification and experience. Big Brother has two intact wrecks, which are at depths of 10-80m. Aida was a 75m. Italian troop –transporting ship that sank in 1957 and sits at a depth of 15-45 metres. Numidia was a 130m. British cargo ship that sank in 1901 on its way to India. It lies vertically on the northern part of Big Brother with its bow at a depth of just 10 metres, and its stern way down at 80 metres, out of the range of recreational scuba divers.

Due to the remote location, depths, potential currents and surface conditions, these dive sites are only suitable for advanced and experienced divers, and only visited by Egypt liveaboard diving boats. Although technically possible to visit all year round, June to September is the best time. And the pelagic sharks that these islands are famous for tend to start showing up from May for the summer months. The islands are far from the mainland and any other dive sites, meaning that when your boat visits it will stay for at least the whole day. However, this is no problem because there are more than enough dive sites never to get bored, and to accommodate several boats at the same time.

Conditions at The Brothers

5 - 40 metres
16.4 - 131.2 ft
21.3 - 29.8 °C
70.3 - 85.6 °F
Medium to strong
19 - 20+ metres
62.3 - 65.6+ ft
Can be choppy

When to dive at The Brothers

The months from May - September is best for diving and sharks, but it’s possible to dive there all year. The limiting factors are surface conditions from October to April.

Type of dive site

Wreck Diving, Reef, Wall diving

The Brothers are two uninhabited islets, one of which has a lighthouse. The islets are conical wall reefs, and there are two intact wrecks on Big Brother’s north and west sides.

Where is The Brothers?

The Brothers are in the middle of The Red Sea, half way between Hurghada and Marsa Alam.

How to get to The Brothers

Diving at The Brothers is only possible by liveaboard boat, due to the remote location far from land and from any other dive sites. Luckily, there are several dive spots within The Brothers, including two wrecks at Big Brother. It’s reachable from Hurghada, Port Ghalib, Marsa Alam, Shram El-Sheikh, & El Quseir.

Who can dive at The Brothers

  Advanced divers with 50 or more logged dives.

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