Forgotten Islands


The Forgotten Islands of Indonesia are not just one destination or location. Instead, the name refers to hundreds of islands from Timor in the south up to West Papua. The islands are diverse in their human culture, wildlife and marine life. Several liveaboard cruises visit the forgotten islands, but very few spend the whole trip there. This is because the islands are so small and numerous. Instead, the liveaboard diving trips will include The Forgotten Islands as part of a ‘crossing trip’ or ‘biodiversity adventure trip.’

Such is the number, small size and remote location of these islands, it is impossible to sum them up on one page. Also, very little is known about the lands, reefs and peoples. This makes it all the more exciting for adventurous scuba divers who are on the lookout for something new, big or special. The Forgotten Islands make up the eastern part of Indonesia’s Ring of Fire, and larger and better known islands include Saumlaki, Pulau Jamdena, Aru, Kai, Wetar, Lewa & Kur.

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