Map Pufferfish

Common Name:
Map Pufferfish
Chordata (Chordates)
Arothron Mappa
Average Size:
50 centimetres

The Map Puffer/Pufferfish is a medium-sized Pufferfish that lives in the Indian Ocean and West Pacific, normally at depths within the ranges of recreational scuba divers (<35m.). It is often found in sheltered areas or near drop-offs. Its name comes from the markings over its body, which are similar to a maze or map. They can grow up to 65cm. in length. It is normally found swimming alone. Like all pufferfish, its defences include the ability to inflate when threatened and its toxins when ingested by predators. It normally eats sponges, algea and soft corals. 

It's also known as the scribbled Puffer/Toadfish, due to its markings.

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