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Maumere is the largest town on the island of Flores. It is located at the eastern end of the island, and the port is a commonly-used start and/or finish point for liveaboard cruises which include diving at Komodo, Alor, The Ring of Fire or even as far east as West Papua. Due to its location, Maumere is also home to dozens of world-class dive sites which are suitable for all levels of scuba diver. There are several dive centres and resorts within the coastal town of Maumere, but without doubt the best diving here is experienced by one of the liveaboard ships and yachts which visit. The marine life is healthy and diverse, with a little bit of everything. There are all kinds of dive sites, including deep drop offs, sloping reefs and even some muck diving. Due to the sparse human population who have been sustenance fishing for generations, the reefs are in good condition and there are thousands of fish and other creatures to see. While not many people come all the way to Maumere just to do day trip dives from a resort or dive centre, it is still well worth a visit. Most diving tourists include it as part of a longer journey, or to get away from the crowds of Bali & Komodo. Great diving can be enjoyed from April through to December, with the first three months of the year still offering good experiences but with less predictable weather and resulting rougher seas.

Getting there – Being the largest town on the island of Flores, there is an airport in Maumere. The airport’s name is Fransiskus Xaverius Seda, and several domestic flights land and take off there every day of the year. Most flights come in from Bali or Jakarta, but the range of different airlines and destinations would surprise most people.

Here are some boats that have dive trips to Maumere

Raja Ampat, Banda, Alor, Maumere...
15D / 15N - from: 5,385 USD per diver
Maumere, Forgotten Islands, Saumlaki...
12D / 11N - from: 6,050 USD per diver
Maumere, Komodo...
11D / 11N - from: 5,018 USD per diver
Maumere, Alor...
12D / 11N - from: 5,945 USD per diver
Maumere, Alor, Wetar, Banda, Raja Ampat...
15D / 14N - from: 7,282 USD per diver

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