Alor is a remote island in south-central Indonesia. It is 80km wide and 20km from north to south. Diving at Alor can be done from a few dive resorts which run day trips, single-dive trips and offer shore diving. In addition, several Indonesian liveaboard cruises stop off at Alor to visit the more than twenty world-class dive sites. Most of the best diving at Alor takes place at the island’s west side, which also has shelter and protection from any unpleasant seasonal weather conditions.

The southern islands of Indonesia are made up of seismic and volcanic activity from millions of years ago, and much of this continues today. As a result, the underwater environment around Alor is among the best in the world. Diving in Alor is suitable for scuba divers of all levels of certification and experience, although those with more dives will better enjoy the depths and occasional currents. The marine life is extremely healthy and diverse. In fact, there are species which live nowhere else in the world. Marine life at Alor comes in all shapes and sizes, from the cute & colourful pygmy seahorse up to the mighty Blue Whale. More-commonly sighted special fish and mammals include Hammerhead & Thresher Sharks, Mola Mola (Sunfish), Marlin, Eagle Rays, Tuna, and Minke Whales.

The diving at Alor is in crystal-clear water at depths suitable for newly-certified divers up to professionals. Visibility can reach 40m+ on good days, and is almost always more than 20m. There is no fixed diving season at Alor, and scuba diving can be enjoyed all year around. However, the best time for diving is March to December. There are stronger currents in October and November. Diving in January and February is less popular, but still possible.

Getting there - Alor is located at the far east end of the chain of islands which include Java, Bali, Lombok, Komodo & Flores. There is an airport in the north of the island, and several public ferries come into the western city of Kalabahi.

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