Abu Galawa Soraya Liveaboard Diving

Location: Egypt Egypt

An ideal dive site for the first (check) dive of a Red Sea liveaboard diving cruise to the south from Marsa Alam. It's also a good choice for the final diving day.

Diver At Abu Galawa Soraya Red Sea Egypt
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The Red Sea of Egypt is home to many exciting scuba dive sites, including dozens of wrecks. Some dive sites are far out at sea and only suitable for Advanced or experienced divers. Some of the wreck dives don't have much coral or marine life. But Abu Galawa Soraya is different from them all. It's not far out at sea, at just 15 kilometres from land. Divers of all levels can enjoy safe and interesting dives here. Sea conditions are not challenging, but the visibility remains excellent all year round. There's a wreck and a reef, both of which have plenty of resident & visiting marine life. 

At not much more than 20 metres at its deepest point, this dive site is excellent for the first or final day of a Red Sea deep south liveaboard safari. It can be used for the check dive at the beginning of a cruise, or as a shallow dive not far from land at the end. The American-owned yacht that is wrecked here sank in the 1980s and has attracted plenty of life over the decades since. It lies at 17-18m and is still intact, mainly due to its construction materials and the gentle sea conditions.

Conditions at Abu Galawa Soraya

2 - 18 metres
6.6 - 59.1 ft
21.9 - 30.6 °C
71.4 - 87.1 °F
Weak - Medium
15 - 25 metres
49.2 - 82 ft
Usually calm

When to dive at Abu Galawa Soraya

Best Times: January to December

You can dive all year round at Abu Galawa Soraya. Water and air temperatures are highest in July to September, and coolest in February. Currents and visibility remain constant most of the year.

Type of dive site

Coral reef, Wreck Diving

Abu Galawa Soraya is a coral reef that has a small wreck.

Where is Abu Galawa Soraya?

Abu Galawa Soraya is 15 kilometres from the coast, 100 kilometres south of Marsa Alam. 

How to get to Abu Galawa Soraya

Liveaboard Boat, Day Trip Boat

You can dive at Abu Galawa Soraya on a local day trip from dive centres in Hamata. It's a very popular first dive site on Egyptian Red Sea liveaboard cruises that are on a southern itinerary.

Who can dive at Abu Galawa Soraya

All levels. Minimum 10 logged dives.

This dive site is easy enough for all levels of certified divers, but interesting enough even for experienced divers. Currents, depth and surface conditions are not challenging.

What marine life can you see at Abu Galawa Soraya?

Although our list and images show some very exciting species that you might see here, most of these are normally seen further out at sea. Expect lots of reef fish, moray eels, crustaceans, nudibranchs and some predatory fish that come to hunt. Smaller species of sharks are seen here from time to time.

You can also see
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Summary of Abu Galawa Soraya

This is not the most-exciting dive site in Egypt's Red Sea, but it's certainly worth visiting. There's a small wreck and plenty of life around that and the reef. Visibility is excellent and the conditions make for easy or relaxing dives. It's a perfect dive site for deep south liveaboard trips' first dive of the trip, or maybe in the morning of the final diving day. Day trip boats also visit.

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