Cheeked / Red Sea Pipefish

Cheeked Red Sea Pipefish Cheeked Red Sea Pipefish
Cheeked Pipefish in the Red Sea, Egypt

Credit: Aida Karamesic

Cheeked / Red Sea Pipefish Corythoichthys insularis

The Cheeked Pipefish (Corythoichthys insularis) is also sometimes referred to as the Red Sea Pipefish because it is found there, and around the western Indian Ocean. It's a relatively small species of pipefish that grow to 10cm in length. Like its cousins, the young develop inside the males' brood pouch. It's usuallu found at depths between 20-40m in tropical seas, and is popular with photographers due to its colourful appearance.

Scientific Rank
Chordata (Chordates)
Order: Syngnathiformes (Seahorses & Pipefish)
Family: Syngnathidae (Syngnathidae)
Genus: Corythoichthys (Cheeked Pipefish)
Species: Corythoichthys insularis
Average Size: 10 centimetres

Cheeked / Red Sea Pipefish - Where Can You Find Them When Scuba diving?


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  • Ari Atoll
  • Addu Atoll
  • Male Atoll
  • Vaavu Atoll
  • Meemu Atoll
  • Rasdhoo Atoll
  • Thaa Atoll
  • Lhaviyani Atoll
  • Baa Atoll
  • Noonu Atoll
  • Raa Atoll


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  • The Brothers
  • Elphinstone
  • Thistlegorm Wreck
  • Daedalus
  • Ras Mohamed
  • Abu Nuhas
  • St. John's
  • Abu Galawa Soraya
  • Gubal
  • Zabargad Island
  • Rocky Island

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