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Cenderawasih Bay

Cenderawasih Bay is located on the north side of West Papua, 200km, east of the famous Raja Ampat. The bay is home to lots of wonderful dive sites, and is often visited by Whale Sharks (Rhincodon typus). In fact, some dive operators guarantee Whale Shark sightings on certain days of the year. It is possible to dive Cenderawasih Bay throughout the year, but the most popular times are May - October. Cenderawasih Bay is not just about Whale Sharks, though. There are lots of wonderful dive sites with hard & soft corals, reef & pelagic fish, walls and sloping reefs, and something for all levels of diver at all depths. There are even ship and plane wrecks from the Second World War. Being a bay, it is more protected than many other diving locations in Indonesia, but it is a very large bay, with a small human population - making it a truly wonderful place to dive. Most diving at Cenderawasih Bay is done from liveaboard cruise.

Getting there - There are airports at Manokwari, on the mainland of West Papua, and on Biak Island. These airports receive multiple domestic flights every day, from Jakarta, Bali, Makassar and several other airports in Indonesia.

Here are some boats that have dive trips to Cenderawasih Bay

Cenderawasih Bay...
6D / 6N - from: 2,310 USD per diver
Cenderawasih Bay...
7D / 7N - from: 2,310 USD per diver
Cenderawasih Bay...
12D / 12N - from: 4,039 USD per diver

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