Liveaboard Diving Trips In Indonesia

Diving in Indonesia is awesome, and some people claim that it is the best place in the world for scuba diving. There are thousands of islands, and even more coral reefs, walls and great diving sites, some of which haven’t been discovered or properly explored yet. Indonesia is a huge country, made up of tropical islands that spread across more than 5,000 kilometres and both the northern & southern hemispheres. For thousands of years, only the local people have been able to explore and enjoy this tropical paradise. Now, more and more Indonesian liveaboard diving boats are offering diving cruises in Indonesia. The fact that more airports are being opened and more flights available also increases the opportunities for scuba diving tourists to visit Indonesia and jump on a liveaboard diving boat to sail around some incredible dive sites for a week or more.

The marine life is the most diverse and abundant in the world, and there are lots of species which live nowhere else on the planet. Weather and sea conditions allow tourists to visit all year round, and because different regions of Indonesia have high & low seasons at different times of the year, it means that there’s always somewhere to enjoy liveaboard diving in Indonesia, regardless of when you come. Komodo is the most-established diving area in Indonesia, but Raja Ampat is regarded as the best. There are also several more areas where Indonesian liveaboard diving is awesome. Feel free to browse our pages and contact us any time to ask a question about planning your next adventure, diving on a liveaboard in Indonesia!

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