Arguably, the best diving sites in the world can be found in the small group of islands in southeastern-central Indonesia. Often referred to just as ‘Komodo,’ this area is teeming with marine life which is both healthy and diverse. Many species are found nowhere else on earth, and there are more than enough world-class dive sites to ensure every boat or dive group has plenty of space, and often a whole dive site to themselves. Although most of the diving is more suited to experienced scuba divers, there are some spots which can be enjoyed safely by novices and inexperienced divers.

Of course, this place is not just famous for the diving. As just about everyone knows, the largest lizards on earth inhabit a couple of the islands. The geology of this region is so rich in nutrients from seismic and volcanic activity, that hundreds of thousands of animal and plant species are able to thrive, and many without disturbances from humans or development.

Most of the diving that takes places around Flores and Komodo is by day trip or liveaboard diving boat. Due to the remote location of Flores and Komodo, it is important to have diving organised and booked well in advance and have travel planned as well. Unlike many diving resort destinations, where tourists can just turn up and start diving, trips from and around Flores and Komodo require forward planning to ensure the best package is reserved and that the national parks aren’t closed or all the boats full. With sometimes unreliable domestic public transport, including flights which are cancelled or delayed (some even decide to leave early) and ferries which may be affected by weather or public holidays, it is always important to be prepared and to arrive in good time. This is a small sacrifice to be able to enjoy what some claim to be the best scuba diving in the world.

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