Big Brother & Little Brother are probably the best & most-well-known diving locations for liveaboards in the area. They are two uninhabited islands that barely break the surface and are located in the middle of The Red Sea. Big Brother has a lighthouse, making it easier to find. They are approximately 1km apart from each other, with Big Brother north of its smaller sibling. In total there are at least 12 dive sites around these two islands, including two wrecks. Due to them being pinnacles located in open sea, marine life is plentiful, but expect currents. They are too far away for day trip boats to reach, meaning that a Red Sea liveaboard cruise is the only way to visit them. This also reduces the number and increases the quality of divers who visit The Brothers.

Little Brother Island Red Sea Egypt

The dive sites are famous for reef-covered walls, drop offs, plateaus and the good chance of spotting several species of sharks. The remote location keeps the reefs healthy and the very-deep surrounding water is home to all kinds of creatures that may rise up to within recreational diving depths from time to time. These include Thresher Sharks for very lucky early-rising divers!

The two wrecks are Numidia and Aida. The bow of Numidia is a very shallow but due to the huge size of the ship the stern is all the way down at nearly 90 metres! It sank in 1901 and has therefore had plenty of time to become covered in corals. There are several points at different depths where divers can penetrate safely. It is also referred to by some as The Railway Wreck. Aida is a lot smaller that Numidia, and sank in the late 1950s when it hit the reef. Although the boat’s engine lies at just 7 metres, the rest of the boat is between 30 and 60 metres, meaning divers need to be certified for depth, and need to watch their limits and not get carried away.

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