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Similan Diving Tours Affiliate Program

Similan Islands Liveaboard Diving In Thailand

Our affiliate partners earn commission from every quality conversion, and with only minimal initial input. Most of our resellers add one or more links to their websites or in emails, while others use hard-copy P.O.S. materials. If you are a travel agent, dive shop or in any way connected to potential Similan Islands diving customers, then joining our program can start earning you commission immediately. The process is quick and easy, and no selling needs to be done on your part. Every referral is tracked by the system database, and fair rates of commission are paid regularly & directly to you.

  • No sign-up or membership fees
  • No minimum number of guests to earn commission
  • Once you’re started, there’s nothing more to do

Why would you do this?

  • Simply to start earning commission from every sale your links or referrals generate. Our selling rates are the best available, meaning our mutual guests get the best price, plus they get our unbeatable service & free gifts. There are no fees paid by you. Rates are ‘per guest’ not ‘per booking’ so group bookings earn you more than individual bookings do. The only work you need to do is embed a link to your pages, or give a unique url to your customers.

Why do we do this?

  • To broaden our customer base, and to reward those who help us. There are many divers out there who we still don’t reach from our own Google advertisements, organic searches, or social media.

How can i sign up?

  • Simply follow our guide of easy steps to set up an account. Then once you have started you can track how successful your links and referrals are.
  • Any referral traffic that becomes a genuine enquiry triggers emails, updating you on its progress.
  • Your work is already done, and we take over. Simply embedding the links or sending the customers to us is the only that work you do.

How much?

  • There is no cost to you, only potential income on a commission basis.
  • Commission rates are confidential, but fair and generous.
  • Most of our guests come in pairs or small groups. And our commission is ‘per guest’ including non-divers.
  • On average, a liveaboard diving cruise in The Similans costs the customer $700USD
  • Our affiliate program has several commission levels based on the number of confirming guests you send us.


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More Questions

Who can join this affiliate program?

Anyone who is able to embed a link into web pages or emails, or offer unique urls to potential customers. This includes dive shops around the world, local & international travel agents, tour guides and many more.

What is the risk, input or cost?

Nothing. We never ask you for anything except your time and enthusiasm to either put links to our pages onto your websites or promotional materials, or to make sure that your customers get the unique urls that are dedicated to your personal affiliate account with us.

How can Similan Diving Tours be trusted?

You can login to your account page to track how much traffic you’re sending us and the progress each visitor is making. In addition, every conversion that is approved is also show in your affiliate account dashboard.

*conversions are real people who visit our website directly from your pages, promotional materials, or url links.

How do I get paid?

Commission is usually paid on a monthly basis, but this depends on each situation. We can pay you in a number of ways including PayPal or even in cash if you’re local.

How much is the commission? / Is it worth my time?

Rates are confidential, and there are several levels of commission which depend on how many guests you send us. As an example, a new affiliate can easily earn $20 per diver.

How easy is it to set up?

It’s very easy. First you need to set up an account with us, which just requires an email address. Then on your account page you can select from dozens of links to embed. These links may be to our home page, a particular page (such as budget or luxury boats, specific boats, or the dive sites). If you prefer to use hard copy materials, then simply print the unique urls on your posters, brochures, menu, fliers or business card.
That’s it. Anyone who follows those links to connect to us will be your customer, but we do all the work. You can sit back and watch the customers’ progress and look forward to your commission.

Do I need to update anything?

No. Once your account and links are set up, there’s nothing more you need to do. However, if you see that some pages are more popular than others, you may want to edit or adjust your website to maximise your earning potential. Also, it’s a good idea to paste or imbed the links into your social media posts.

But I know nothing about scuba diving?

No problem. We do all the work, and our team are service-minded, experienced, diligent & professional. In fact, it’s better for us to advise our mutual guests and to do the selling. That way, they get the right information, and we can know if they’re able to join our trips. All you need to do is send them our way.

I don’t have a website yet.

No problem. Sign up for an account, and anyone you send us (even before your website is ready) will be your customers, and potential commission. Even if you print your unique url on fliers, a poster or on the back of a business card you can attract potential divers for us.