MV Camic New Weekly Schedule March-May 2018

MV Camic New Weekly Schedule March-May 2018

Camic new dive schedule

In recent diving seasons Camic has been the most-popular of our more than 30 Similan Islands liveaboard boats. The flexible schedule means that our guests can join on any day of the season and stay for 1, 2 or 3 nights. In December 2017, all of Camic’s cabins were completely changed, and now they all have private bathrooms. Now Camic is even more popular than before. However, the management have noticed that the boat was always full from Thursday to Saturday and less so from Sunday to Wednesday. Camic used to visit The Similan Islands from Sundays to Wednesdays, and then Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock and Koh Bon on the other three days. It’s local common knowledge that March is the best time for Manta Rays (usually at Koh Bon), and Whalesharks prefer the northern sites. Because of the popularity of the northern sites and the higher possibility of large pelagics, Camic will spend more days at the northern dive sites for the rest of this season, and it will visit the Similan Islands on Sundays. Camic’s new weekly schedule for from March 13th 2018 is as follows.


Day  7.00am dive 10.30am dive 1.30pm dive 5.00pm dive
Mondays Similan 8-9 or Koh Bon Koh Bon Koh Bon Koh Tachai
Tuesdays Koh Tachai Koh Tachai Koh Tachai Koh Surin
Wednesdays Koh Surin or Richelieu Rock Richelieu Rock Richelieu Rock Pratong Wreck
Thursdays Koh Bon or Koh Tachai Koh Tachai Koh Tachai Koh Tachai or Koh Surin
Fridays Koh Tachai or Richelieu Rock Richelieu Rock Richelieu Rock Koh Tachai
Saturdays Koh Bon Koh Bon Koh Bon Similan 8-9
Sundays Similan 8-9 West of Eden Three Trees / Christmas Point Similan 8-9


It might look like that Camic visits and stays at some dive sites a bit too much & too often. However, this is not the case. Richelieu Rock is Thailand’s #1 dive site and can be dived 4 times in one day with everyone very happy. Koh Bon & Koh Tachai have lots of special marine life and clear water. Also all three are large dive sites, so there are different areas that can be explored on different dives. Also, most Camic guests join for 2D1N, and very few book 4D3N trips.

It’s important to understand that even though Camic has 4 dives per day, on your first and final day you only have time to join three dives. This is because at 7.00am on Day #1 divers are still on land, and they disembark before the sunset dive on their final day. Everyone who wakes up on Camic and sleeps on the boat that same night will have the opportunity of 4 dives in a full day.

In addition to Camic’s new weekly dive schedule, the speedboat used for its transfers now departs from Baan Nam Khem Pier. The reason for this is because Baan Nam Khem is further north and nearer to the dive sites than Tab Lamu is. This means that guests spend less time travelling. Finally, because the new pier is north of Khao Lak, the hotel pickup scheduled times have been reversed from how they were before. Divers in hotels near Tab Lamu Pier will be collected first, and anyone staying further north will be collected last. And at the end of the trip, divers going to a hotel north of Khao Lak will be dropped off before divers who want to go to hotels further south.

Camic’s new pickup times are as follows.


Area Example hotel Pickup time Drop off time
Tab Lamu / Lam Kaen Poseidon, Briza, Merlin 6.50-7.00am 6.00-6.30pm
Khao Lak Baan Krating, Moracea, Khao Lak Bayfront Resort 7.15am 5.45-6.00pm
Nang Thong The Sands, Monkey Dive, Bhandari, Centara 7.15-7.25 5.30-5.45pm
Bang Niang Nautical, Khao Lak Forest, Ruk Cozy, Fanari 7.25-7.30am 5.30-5.45pm
Khuk Khak The Haven, Orchid, Khao Lak Relax Resort 7.50-8.00am 5.20pm
Pak Weep / Bang Sak Apsara, Southsea, Kantary, Manathai 8.00am 5.10pm
Bang Sak / Nam Khem   8.10-8.25am 5.10pm
Free Scuba Diver!
T-shirt & wrist band
+ Drybag or Beach towel