Seawolf Dominator Red Sea Liveaboard Diving

Seawolf Dominator

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Seawolf Dominator Liveaboard Egypt
Egypt Egypt
Type: Liveaboard
Departs from: Hurghada / Port Ghalib
No. of guests: 22
Prices from: 1,187 USD
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Seawolf Dominator is huge Red Sea diving liveaboard ship, measuring 42 metres long and more than 8 metres wide. But unlike many other boats this size, it only accommodates up to 26 guests. Therefore there's more space per person in addition to safe and steady sailing. There are three types of cabin to choose from, and plenty of very large communal areas for relaxing, dining, socialising, and gearing up for the fantastic dives on offer. Nitrox is available for free, and the German organisation ensures that everything runs safely and according to plan.

Like most Red Sea liveaboards, Dominator has three main decks, in addition to its sundeck on top. The guest cabins are mostly on the lower deck, with a few more also located on the upper deck. The boat's main deck is where you find the communal areas for eating delicious food, chilling, and for diving equipment. However, with its vast amount of space Seawolf Dominator has something extra. On the uppermost deck of most dive liveaboards in Egypt there's just a seating area which is partially covered and partially exposed. But on Dominator in addition to the standard sundeck seating area, at the rear of the uppermost deck there's an al fresco dining area for the best views while eating delicious food. Most meals are served in the air-conditioned lounge on the main deck, but if conditions allow you can enjoy your meal on top of the boat. As already mentioned, there's an air-conditioned restaurant / dining room, which adjoins the lounge saloon that has plenty of seating, a book library and audio-visual entertainment. In addition to the sundeck on the uppermost deck, there's a sunbathing area at the front of the boat's upper deck, in front of the captain's bridge. Whether you want to relax alone, in couples, or in small or large groups, you will always find somewhere on Dominator.

Eight of the 13 guest cabins are located on the lower deck. These are all twin cabins, with side-by-side single beds. If you're travelling with a friend or sibling, or alone, these cabins are perfect. The team will not mix genders for solo guests, meaning that if you're a lady travelling alone, your cabin mate will only be female. There's another twin cabin on the upper deck, and this has a large window and the door opens out on deck. Also on the upper deck are three double-bed cabins, which are ideal for couples. All guest cabins on Seawolf Dominator have independently-controlled air conditioning, private bathroom with hot & cold shower, and a minibar refrigerator.

The dive team and crew work hard throughout each cruise to maximise everyone's safety, comfort and enjoyment. This includes the boat boys, kitchen staff, housekeeping and of course the dive guides. Diving from Seawolf Dominator is safe and convenient, with lots of space on the dive deck and in the two motorised tender dinghies. Nitrox is available for free to certified divers, and if you're not Nitrox certified but want to be, this can be done on board. Most of the trips sail from Port Ghalib in the south, and visit the southern reefs and wrecks of Egypt's Red Sea. The diving is fantastic, and the on-board facilities are luxurious, so it's sometimes hard to choose if you want to stay on the boat or jump in the sea! Luckily, the week-long cruises give you plenty of time to get the most of both.

Prices & Schedule

Seawolf Dominator Diver Prices Overview 2024 / 2025
DestinationsDuration Standard Twin Upper Deck Twin Upper Deck Double
North Wrecks6D / 7N Standard Twin1,394 USD Upper Deck Twin1,503 USD Upper Deck Double1,503 USD
Abu Dabab, , Fury Shoals, Sataya, El Mahali, Shaab Claude, Gota Bohar, Elphinstone Reef, Marsa Shona
Daedalus, Fury Shoals, Elphinstone
( 18 Dives)
6D / 7N Standard Twin1,476 USD Upper Deck Twin1,585 USD Upper Deck Double1,585 USD
Abu Dabab, Elphinstone Reef, St. John's Gota Kebira, Gota Soraya, Dangerous Reef, Umm Aruk, St. John's Caves, Sataya, Shaab Maksur, Shaab Claude, Gota Bohar, Shaab Sharm, Marsa Alam, Marsa Shona
Deep South, St. Johns, Elphinestone
( 18 Dives)
6D / 7N Standard Twin1,231 USD Upper Deck Twin1,340 USD Upper Deck Double1,340 USD
Abu Dabab, Marsa Alam, , , , Gota Kebira, Habili Ali, Umm Aruk, Gota Soraya, Sataya, Shaab Claude, , Sheleniat, Elphinstone Reef, Marsa Shona
St. John's, Rocky, Zabargad, Elphinstone
( 19 Dives)
6D / 7N Standard Twin1,438 USD Upper Deck Twin1,547 USD Upper Deck Double1,547 USD
Daedalus Reef, , , Fury Shoals, Elphinstone Reef, Abu Dabbab
MP South (Daedalus/Zabargad/Rocky Island)
( 20 Dives)
6D / 7N Standard Twin1,274 USD Upper Deck Twin1,383 USD Upper Deck Double1,383 USD
, , Elphinstone Reef
MP North (Brothers/Daedalus/Elphinstone)
( 20 Dives)
6D / 7N Standard Twin1,274 USD Upper Deck Twin1,471 USD Upper Deck Double1,383 USD
Abu Dabab, , Abu Fendera, Fury Shoals, Elphinstone Reef
Abu Fendera
( 21 Dives)
6D / 7N Standard Twin1,362 USD Upper Deck Twin1,471 USD Upper Deck Double1,471 USD
Giftun Island, Ras Disha, Abu Kafan, , Elphinstone Reef, Shaab Shona, Abu Dabab
Brothers, Elphinstone
( 21 Dives)
6D / 7N Standard Twin1,492 USD Upper Deck Twin1,601 USD Upper Deck Double1,601 USD
Shaab el Nabaa, Marsa Alam, Sataya, Shaab Claudio, Shaab Galawa Kebir, , El Bohar, Shaab Ghadir, Marsa alam
Fury Shoals
( 21 Dives)
6D / 7N Standard Twin1,187 USD Upper Deck Twin1,296 USD Upper Deck Double1,296 USD
Umm Gammar, Siyoul Island, Beacon Reef, Dunraven Wreck, , , , Giannis D Wreck, Panorama reef, , Elphinstone Reef
Red Sea Classic
( 21 Dives)
6D / 7N Standard Twin1,405 USD Upper Deck Twin1,514 USD Upper Deck Double1,514 USD
Shaab El Erg, Dolphin Reef, , , , Shag Rock, Gubal Islands, Rosalie Moeller Wreck, Um Gammar, Mina Wreck, Careless Reef, Giftun Islands, Strait of Tiran
North, Strait of Tiran
( 30 Dives)
6D / 7N Standard Twin1,198 USD Upper Deck Twin1,307 USD Upper Deck Double1,307 USD
St. Johns, Elba Reef
St. Johns, Elba Reef 7 nights
( 30 Dives)
9D / 10N Standard Twin2,015 USD Upper Deck Twin2,307 USD Upper Deck Double2,307 USD
Included In The Price
Transfers to & from the airport
Transfers to and from local hotels
Tea / coffee
Drinking water
Soft drinks
Standard tanks
Dive master services
Soap & Shampoo
Luggage storage
Not Included In The Price
Dive equipment
National park fees
Dive computer
Alcoholic drinks
Dive insurance
Enviroment tax
Night diving torch
Larger tanks
Mask and Snorkel
Open-heel fins
Full-foot fins
Tips / Gratuities
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Booking / Enquiry

Most Seawolf Dominator trips sail from and return to Port Ghalib, in the south of Egypt, although a few trips use Hurghada. Most trips start and finish on Thursdays.

You board the boat during the evening of the first day, and the boat stays in the harbour during the night. In the morning the boat departs and your first dive will be at a local reef with easy and safe conditions for a check dive. there are usually two or three dives on the first full day, and this depends on the destination. Some diving days offer four dives including a night dive, but night diving is prohibited in Egypt's Marine Parks.

There are five full diving days (Friday - Tuesday) and on the Wednesday you dive up to two times in the morning, which allows 24 hours before any flight immediately after disembarkation.

We have a list of itineraries below, which match trips on the schedule.

The itineraries below are the most-common for each trip, but these can sometimes be changed for a number of reasons. Small changes are made due to weather & sea conditions, special marine life sightings, overcrowded dive sites, local-authorities' instructions, and the needs & requests of the paying guests. The safety & comfort of all guests is most important at all times.

Facilites, Layout and Specifications

Facilities Available with Seawolf Dominator
Nitrox Available
En Suite Available
Air con
Courses Available
Free Pickup
All Cabins En Suite
AV Entertainment
Vegetarian Food Available
Double Beds Available
Shaded Sundeck
Available to Charter
Seawolf Dominator Layout
 seawolf dominator deck plan
Seawolf Dominator Specifications
Built: 2007.
Refit: Annually.
Length: 42 metres / 138 ft.
Width: 8.5 metres / 28 ft.
Max no. of guests: 24.
Speed: 12 knots.
Engines: 2 x 750 PS Darcon.
Generators: 2 x 80 KW, 220 V/24h.
Compressors: 3 x Bauer 240 l/min.
Fuel capacity: 18 tons.
Fresh water capacity: 16 tons.
Scuba tanks: 12-liter alu-tank (15-litre tanks on request)
Safety: Equipment ENOS for free, 2 x 20 person life rafts, lifevests, first aid kit, oxygen.
Entertainment: WiFi ( limited data volume) on board for free, TV, DVD, music, bar.
Zodiacs: 2 x zodiacs with 40hp outboard engines.


The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is available on board, for any divers who are not yet certified to 30 metres or for night diving. ($200 USD / 2023 price)

If you would like to dive with (free) Nitrox on Seawolf Dominator and you're not yet Nitrox certified, you can get Nitrox certified on board ($130 USD / 2023 price)

Contact us for more information about courses on Seawolf Dominator

Transfer details

The Seawolf team will collect you from the nearest airport or local hotels on departure day, usually late in the afternoon or early evening, and take you to the boat.

At the end of the trip, there are free transfers after breakfast on the final day back to local hotels or the nearest airport.

All transfers are shared with other Seawolf guests.

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