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Gili Divers is a well-established scuba diving centre on Gili Trawangan’s best beach. The business is owned and run by Europeans (English & Swedish) and is just the right amount of busy all day, every day, throughout the year. Up to four dives per day are possible, and there are courses in several languages starting almost daily. There are so many reasons to claim that Gili Divers is the best dive centre on Gili Trawangan, but it’s difficult to know where to start.

Firstly, the location of Gili Divers is ideal. They are the only dive centre on the island that are able to load divers directly into the boat, in front of their business, at any tide or time of year. Others have to trek to a more convenient location during certain sea conditions. The location is also a perfect balance of ‘lively without being in the centre of town.’ Near to the pier, market and pub area is convenient for those who enjoy bumping into other tourists and jumping out of the way of Gili’s unforgiving horse & carts (Chimodo), but it can become tiresome and even dangerous at busy times of day and night, when you just want to get into the water. Gili Divers’ beach is also the best beach (sand, waves, & snorkeling reef) on Gili Trawangan that’s within a convenient distance of shops, restaurants, and a western toilet. The location is also well placed to easily and quickly reach the dive sites around the Gili Islands.

Divers-and-dive-boat-Gili-DiversReaching the dive sites from any Gili dive centre needs to be done by diving boat. All the other dive centres on Gili Trawangan use small dive boats which have outriggers for stability. The journeys are short, so comfort is not a big deal, but the outriggers are something to be wary of when divers are just about to descend or get back onto the boat. Gili Divers run two large dive boats, both of which are brand new and without outriggers, because their size and shape gives them stability. The boats’ large outboard motors also ensure that divers get to the dive sites or back to shore in no time at all.

When learning to dive, either as a Discover Scuba Diver or during an Open Water Diver course (often regarded to as ‘doing your PADI’), it’s vital to feel safe and comfortable when taking your first breaths underwater. While most diving schools on Gili Trawangan have small diving pools to learn in, most of them are out the front of the shop, for looks and to attract new business.Gili-Divers-dive-boat Gili Divers’ pool is located behind the dive centre, meaning that there is no need for first time or learning divers to feel self-conscious when breathing underwater for the first time. There won’t be a hundred people walking past while the students are learning to do something new and unnatural. The pool has two depths, one which is waist height and allows adults to immediately stand up and talk or breathe naturally, and the other which is more than two metres deep and enables new divers to get a real feel for swimming around underwater with diving gear on.

Gili Divers even has its own hotel and beach restaurant, so guests really can live & dive all in the same place. The hotel has recently (Nov. 2014) undergone refurbishment, and is ideal for couples and small families. Those who want to stay alone or get the cheapest and most sociable accommodation can also stay round the corner at Gili Backpackers, and get deals on the diving they do.

All in all, it’s no surprise why Gili Divers is the most popular and busiest dive centre on Gili Trawangan. Everything is in the right place, and at just the right level of comfort, price, friendliness & professionalism.


Prices & Schedule

Gili Divers Diver Prices Overview 2024 / 2025
DestinationsDuration 1 dive 5 Dives 10 Dives
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Facilities Available with Gili Divers
Courses Available


Gili-Divers-diving-coursesThere are several different diving courses available at Gili Divers, and we are just listing the most popular ones on this page. If there is a course which is not listed, such as speciality courses, including Nitrox EANx32, please contact us for the most up-to-date information, prices & availability. Gili Divers only employ fully-qualified and professional diving instructors. Most courses are in very small groups and some are taught one-on-one. The teaching materials are in many languages, and the large team of instructors come from all over the world, so the chances of communicating with your instructor in your preferred language is high.

Courses Prices
Scuba Tune-up
(1 Dive)
3hrs program ? Pool / 1 dive
60 USD
DSD: Discover scuba dive
(1 Dive)
3hrs program ? Pool / 1 dive
67 USD
Bubble Maker
(1 Dive)
1 Pool dive
67 USD
Respond Right
1 day
Including: Certification & Book
127 USD
EFR: (Emergency First Response)
1 day
Including: Certification & Book
150 USD
Adventure Diver
(3 Dives)
1-2 days
Including: Certification & Book
254 USD
Scuba Diver Course
(2 Dives)
2 days
Including: Certification & Book
284 USD
Advanced Open Water
(5 Dives)
2-3 days
Including: Certification & Book
337 USD
OW: Open Water Course with FREE E-learning
(4 Dives)
3 days
Including: Certification & Book, FREE E-learning
367 USD
Rescue Diver
(4 Dives)
4 days
Including: Certification & Book
412 USD
OW: Open Water Course
(4 Dives)
3-4 days
Including: Certification & Book
413 USD
Advanced Open Water & Nitrox combinded
3 days
Including: Certification & Book
449 USD
Rescue Divers & EFR
(4 Dives)
5 days
Including: Certification & Book
524 USD
Divemaster Course
4-6 weeks (Can be combinded with BiraDiveCamp in Sulawesi) 10% off if Own equipment
1,048 USD
(261 USD) Certification & Book

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For guests already on Gili Trawangan, it's incredibly easy to just walk up tp Gili Divers. The dive centre is right on Turtle Beach. Some less energetic guests might want to come by rental bicycle or even horse-drawn cart. 

Travellers who haven't arrived on Gili Trawangan can come via several types of  public and private transport, and Gili Divers can help with taxis on Lombok, fast boats from Bali and even have their own speedboat which can collect guests from Mentigi Bay, on Lombok. Please contact us for details.

From the main pier on Gili Trawangan, the dive centre is a 10-minute walk north. However, private speedboats, including Gili Divers' 'The Bitch,' will arrive at Turtle Beach in front of the dive centre.

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